The Nodal Axis - Mark Interviewed by Chris Flisher

Interview from the 2015 Love Yourself to Health Summit

Astrology and Psychology Podcast Part 2

Adam Sommer interviews Mark about his new book, The Soul Speaks and how the chart and all its symbols can actually be the greatest distraction to our personal evolution.

Astrology and Psychology Podcast

Adam Sommer interviews Mark about the importance of the counseling aspect in therapeutic astrology.

The Importance of the Planetary Nodes

NORWAC 2014 Keynote Address
Enjoy this free recording of Mark's 2014 keynote address at the 2014 Northwest Astrology Conference. Mark expands on the subject of his recent article for the Mountain Astrologer on the Planetary Nodes. This subject explores a reality, long overlooked in our field, that all the planets with the exception of the Sun, have a nodal axis not just the relatively well known nodal axis of the Moon.

Guardian Planets of Astrology

Telesummit Recording
This is a presentation Mark gave for a telesummit whose subject was Guardian spirits or energies. My presentation focused on the guardian spirit of the birth-chart as a whole and how that symbolic imprint contains the potential of an individual life much as a stained glass window contains the light, but focused into a specific form or story. The power of the natal chart is in its capacity to guide us back to our true potential.

Exploring Astrology Podcast

Exploring Astrology podcast, with Adam Sommer

Podcast - Neptune

In this podcast, Mark Jones discusses Neptune with Kent Bye on the Natal Transits podcast

Podcast - Past Lives in the Birth Chart

In this podcast, Mark Jones discusses past lives and the path of the soul in the birth chart with Rev. Shellie Enteen on the Esoterically Speaking Podcast

Podcast - Evolutionary Astrology Conference 2013

In this podcast, Mark Jones discusses his role in the fall conference with StarLady and MediaMonk. Recorded by The Evolutionary Astrology Network

Podcast - Transference

Enjoy this interview with Mark about depth psychology and transference in the context of astrology. Recorded by

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Planets Square the Nodes Series

Planets square nodesIn this two-part series, Mark explores this key placement representing a core issue that is unresolved at birth. Special package price: $45

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