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    October 3-4, 2020


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    In every year that passes, we might reflect on the pivotal and life-changing events that transpired. But certain years stand out as especially dramatic or overflowing with developmental pressures. 2020 will be remembered as one of those years. As astrologers we knew this, and that’s why we got a head start with the conversation in last year’s summit. But it’s not over yet!

    In this inspiring summit, we’ll hear several top astrologers review the transits of 2020 and look ahead into 2021, with an eye on what we’ve been preparing for. Saturn-Pluto cycles herald events that leave a lasting impact, and that we need to respond to for years to come. Now that we know more specifically what we’re dealing with, what choices will we make going forward? What does the new world look like that we’re now creating? And how can we tap into the deepest resources of our creativity to birth life-affirming and positive change as we all dream into being the world we want to see?

    Dates: October 3-4, 2020
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    Mark Jones is an astrologer and counselor in the style of transformational astrology.

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