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    The Finger of God? The Nature of the Astrological Yod

    In this webinar Mark explores the nature of two inconjuncts focused on the same apex planet which thus forms the astrological Yod. Establishing the fundamental nature of aspects through the natural zodiac we can see the inconjunct as being of a combined Aries – Virgo nature and the Yod as representing the inclusion of an Aries – Scorpio intensity to an aspect already in crisis. We will see the Yod in action through a balanced mix of celebrity case histories with real-world client examples to gain a realistic idea of how this most stressful of aspects manifests in our lives.

    You do not need to attend live. You will get a copy of the complete webinar recordings

    Date: October 24, 2020
    Time: 9:00 AM Pacific Time  (convert to your time zone)
    Running Time: Approximately 90 min.

    $25 (before Oct 22, $30 thereafter)

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    Mark Jones is an astrologer and counselor in the style of transformational astrology.

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